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When I say that I mean that the Pornstars is actually having sex in front of a live WebCam. It’s a bit like a porn video being filmed but instead of being filmed it is being streamed live over the Internet and broadcasted on to specific websites one would be and the other these two websites belong to the same network and are the only ones that actually do broadcast live porn videos of real famous porn stars on a daily basis. Nobody else has this exclusive and nobody else even if they had the possibility to put something together it wouldn’t last a day as the costs are ridiculously high, and only one network that happens to be one of the largest in the adult industry has managed to put all this together but at the same time it will cost you to watch a two-hour live sex show less than two dollars, that’s how fucking awesome this all is!

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So remember when you read around the web that a website is offering Live Porn, be sure if they are real porn stars and not some unknown ugly bitch that is taking cock from her husband and they are broadcasting it on the web LOL, because I guarantee you there are hundreds of other websites that do this crap and make you think that the nasty skank that is getting banged in the video is actually a famous porn star. is the one and only exclusive Pornstars sex live show website and as you can see all the links that I have posted that lead towards these websites that show these live porn videos do not have a referral code in them, because I am not getting paid by them to let you know about this. This service is so awesome that I could not ignore it and let everybody that reads my blogs know about it and I invite them over there to go and check it out at no cost to you, just to see what I’m talking about and to see how freaking awesome it is.

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The first time that I ever visited a Live cam girls website was back in 1999 I think, at that time the connections were very poor, and if the show lasted more than five minutes then you were very lucky, at that time even most of the models had a 56K modem and if you remember it if you got disconnected it would take a long time to get back up and you needed a phone line like today where it comes or satellite, all cable, or through yes the phone line but in DSL mode and in many cases today T-1, that’s what I have I get it through Bright House networks, there’s little publicity for them as well LOL!

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Anyhow over at WebCam club i.e. got kind of addicted when searching on the the category called college sex cams all hot models from the age of 19 all away up to 25 and all our real web cam models that perform from that college dorms or sorority on campus, is what makes the girls over WebCam club unique and different and a lot much better than they would be on other WebCam networks, I say they would be because I haven’t visited any WebCam network other than this past few months and I doubt that they have changed and that their quality has remained scars as it wants.

So remember when you are searching the web for Webcam Sex simply don’t search the web bookmark WebCam club and visit whenever you can, if you have a girlfriend or a wife and you don’t want to bookmark it, then it’s pretty easy to remember its WebCam club for crying out loud how can you forget that?

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Okay, this may not be the leading WebCam company on the Internet today. There are quite a few that a larger than WebCam club, that offer Live Sex and have thousands of WebCam models males or females alike. But always remember in life that it is quality and not quantity, just because a website is not advertising all over the web, or doesn’t have 55,000 models, that does not mean that it is not as good or even a lot better than the ones that do advertise and have so many models.

I really would like you to take a few minutes and check out the models males or females that are on and then check the same type of models on your favorite WebCam network and then confront them and tell me who wins? Is a really big difference there is in their, you really didn’t expect that did you? Remember that the models that WebCam club are hand picked and go through a real interview, a video interview, the administration that hires the girls makes them dance makes then do a live show for them has them talk for at least 30 minutes to see them verbal ability and to conclusion, if they are not hot, able, sexy, sluts, and all the rest that comes with it they will not be hired.

it’s a bit like driving a Ford or a Ferrari they both drive on the road they’ll both get to destination but with all my respect for Ford there is no comparison with the Ferrari!

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Damn fucking sluts are amazing. I was checking out a couple of porn videos that this site I liked has on hand and I went to see if I could copy them and put one on this blog, but they have some anti-theft device that wont let me. Anyways heres a screen shot of the whore that is in the movie and if you wish to see the video, then you’re gonna have to go on on their website to check it out.

Like said, all their videos are exclusive and you can’t copy them, they don’t have any sort of way to do that, so I’m bookmarking them in order never to miss a new video. They post only one a day, but its one son of a bitch of a movie!

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Thats a pretty ass isn’t it. The dude that will tap that is a very lucky one. Who’s going to take care of them cheaks? Well, someone that lives in Georgia, Atlanta GA to be precise, because thats where she lives and thats where she’s looking for someone. She’s one of the many thats married and is seeking an affair dating situation. So if you’re from the area then be sure to check her out, see if you’re what she’s looking for as I’m sure she’s everything that you’ve ever wanted :)


Harold, that has nothing to do with this chick, was invited by myself to take a free tour of the website, you all can it’s free to check out and see who’s looking for sex. Anyways, he’s a dude that travels a lot with his business and happens to stay in some cities for a few days at the time. Well he takes his tablet with him and once he’s at his hotel, hes on looking for chicks in the town that he’s in. Since I gave him this tip, he has never stopped thanking me. Every time that he gets laid he’s always texting me who he fucked and in what town. The dude is on a sex-spree LOL!

I’m glad that I could help, I’m sorry for his wife… No I’m not, she’s a fucking bitch! Besides, she’ll never find out about anything, it’s a members on members thing and anything out of the ring cant see whats going on inside. Thats why so many people in the US, Canada and Europe use this service, more than simply going out and hitting on someone that in the long run can come back at you and bite!